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Pasta With Ricotta, Herbs, & Lemon

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Pasta With Ricotta, Herbs, & Lemon This easy Italian pasta recipe can be made and enjoyed year round. Preparation: 1 – Cook the pasta according to the package directions. Reserving 1/3 cup of the water, drain the pasta, then return it to the pot. 2 – In a medium bowl, whisk together the butter, ricotta […]

Fettuccine With Artichoke Hearts

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Fettuccine con Carciofi The very delicate flavor of artichoke hearts combined with fresh pasta makes a light but delicious Northern Italian dish. Enjoy this tasty Italian recipe with friends, family and your favorite bottle of Italian wine! Preparation: 1 – Rinse frozen artichokes under warm water and separate. Cut each artichoke heart into 1/2-inch wedges […]

Risotto with Scallops

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Risotto con Pettine Risotto with sea or bay scallops can be an elegant main course. You can substitute shrimp for the scallops, or use a combination of both. Wash scallops or devein shrimp before making basic risotto. The seafood must be sauteed as soon as the risotto is finished, so that when you add it […]

Veal Scallops with Mushrooms and Marsala

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Scaloppine con Funghi e Marsala To achieve authentic flavor with this authentic Italian recipe, you must use dry Marsala for this dish. Buon Appetito! Preparation: 1 – Cut each veal scallop horizontally into 2-inch widths. 2 – In a bowl, combine the flour, salt and pepper. Dredge each piece of veal in the flour mixture […]

Pasta Primavera

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Pasta Primavera There are many different vegetable combinations for Pasta Primavera. Since Primavera means spring, my version of this classic Italian recipe includes zucchini and tender asparagus. Enjoy! Preparation: 1 – Wash the asparagus several times in lukewarm water. Refresh in cold water, drain well and blot dry with paper towel. Slice off tough ends. […]

Rigatoni with Sausage Cream Sauce

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Rigatoni with Sausage Tomato Sauce This is a real easy Italian recipe and a quickie to make. The sausage can be cooked and chopped a few hours before and the sauce can be prepared while the water for the pasta is boiling. This recipe can also be made with a tomato sauce instead of the […]

Bistecca alla Fiorentina

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Florentine Steak Bistecca alla Fiorentina is traditionally made using T-bone steaks, but you could make it using ordinary, very thick-cut rump, sirloin, or even fillet steak as well. As long as the meat is of a very high quality, it will taste delicious, even if it’s not entirely authentic! The marinating time is quite long, […]

Classic Italian Rice Salad

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Classic Italian Rice Salad – insalata di riso A real classic Italian recipe for any Italian summer! For the best presentation and taste, make sure the vegetables are cut evenly. Remember to dress the vegetables and the rice while they are still warm so they absorb the flavors from the other ingredients. This is a […]

Sausage and Pepper Frittata

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Sausage and Pepper Frittata This easy Italian recipe of sausage, peppers, onions, and eggs goes well with fresh crusty Italian bread. It can be served for brunch, lunch, or dinner. Ingredients: 1 lb Italian sausage 4 large red potatoes 5 green bell peppers 2 large yellow onions 10 eggs 1/2 cup whole milk 1/4 cup […]

Traditional Pesto Sauce

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Traditional Pesto Sauce Pesto can stand on its own as a sauce, or you can use just a spoonful to add extra flavor to a number of other Italian dishes – especially stews, soups, and sauces. Ingredients: 2 bunches fresh basil 1/2 bulb garlic 1/2 cup toasted pine nuts 1 cup extra-virgin olive oil Preparation: […]